Ways to contribute financially to Chakra

Chakra is a community-based distribution and all our contributors and developers are working in their free time to provide it. Any amount you decide to donate is helpful and will be used to safeguard the future of Chakra. Provided that enough resources are available, we will consider possible activities and actions, always for the benefit of our distribution.

Our primary expense in the past years has been the cost of renting a server, through which we provide you Chakra and all the surrounding services. For 2015 and 2016 our current host provider, Host1Plus, provides full sponsorship for it.

This page is for all of you that wish in one way or another to donate money and help Chakra to be self-sustainable by its users. We can only state how deeply amazed we are by your commitment and greatly appreciate your support and love for this distribution! This is one more reason to work harder to reach our goals.

Funds donated are held in trust for Chakra by SPI. 5 % of the donated amount is given to SPI, another 4 % plus $0.35 are subtracted as a processing fee by the payment provider (Click & Pledge). For alternatives and more information, please see this page.

Donate via PayPal


A privacy aware web search engine which shares 50% of its revenue with Chakra, generated by advertisement clicks with Chakra identification enabled



Shop for Chakra stickers, with 15% of the revenue donated back to Chakra

Chakra stickers

If you have any questions or feedback regarding donations, please send an e-mail with as many details as possible (date and time of transaction, country, etc.) to gro.xunilarkahc@ffats.