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Package Listing
 Name Category  Votes Description Maintainer
aget 0.4.1-1 network 0 Simple multithreaded command line downloader. dinolib
anything-sync-daemon 5.85-1 system 9 Offload anything to RAM (tmpfs) for speed and wear reduction. dinolib
avinaptic2 20111218-1 multimedia 1 new version of a powerful video files analyzer dinolib
babe-git r122.g3b7499c-1 multimedia 1 Tiny Qt Babe Music Player dinolib
bcompare3 devel 0 Beyond Compare 3: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders dinolib
boinc 7.4.27-1 utils 1 Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing for desktop dinolib
bombono-dvd 1.2.4-1 multimedia 2 DVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI dinolib
ccfits 2.4-4 utils 0 Object Oriented Interface to the CFITSIO Library dinolib
comix 4.0.4-2 multimedia 1 A comic book viewer dinolib
corefreq-git 1.8-1 utils 0 CoreFreq, a processor monitoring software with a kernel module inside. dinolib
cpu-g 0.9.0-5 utils 1 A Linux version of CPU-Z. Displays CPU, RAM and mainboard info. dinolib
cpulimit 20120918-1 system 1 Limit cpu usage in %. Actualy sends SIGSTOP/SIGCONT dinolib
darktable-git 20121130-1 multimedia 2 A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers dinolib
djl 1.2.20-4 games 1 A game manager inspired by Valve's Steam software for Windows dinolib
draftsight 2017SP0-1 office 6 Freeware CAD software for your DWG/DXF files. dinolib
dvdcopy 1.0.3-1 multimedia 0 Provides a means to easily backup a DVD9 to DVD5, among other things dinolib
dvdstyler 2.9.6-1 multimedia 1 Cross-platform DVD authoring application dinolib
easytag 2.4.2-1 multimedia 3 Simple application for viewing and editing tags in audio files dinolib
easytag-git 20121017-1 multimedia 2 Utility for viewing, editing and writing ID3 tags of your MP3 files - git version with patches dinolib
edytornc 2010.03-7 office 0 A text editor for CNC programmers dinolib
edytornc-beta 152-1 editors 0 text editor for CNC programmers dinolib
etherape 0.9.14-1 network 0 A graphical network monitor for various OSI layers and protocols dinolib
f1lt-git 20130317-1 network 2 unofficial Formula 1 live timing application dinolib
ffdiaporama 2.2.D759-3 multimedia 4 Movie creator from photos and video clips dinolib
ffdiaporama-rsc 2.1-1 multimedia 0 Recource-files for ffDiaporama dinolib
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