core.gitPackages in [core]3 days
desktop.gitPackages in [desktop]8 hours
gtk.gitPackages in [gtk]2 days
lib32.gitPackages in [lib32]4 days
akabei.gitChakra's CLI package manager6 weeks
akabeiclient.gitClient library for Akabei, Chakra's package manager7 weeks
akabeicore.gitCore library for Akabei, Chakra's package manager6 weeks
browser-start-page.gitBranded start page for web browsers5 months
buildsystem.gitBuildsystem for packagers2 months
calamares.gitDistribution-independent installer framework5 months
caledonia.gitA brand new KDE look5 months
ccr-plasmoid.gitPlasmoid for interacting with the Chakra Community Repository5 months
chakra-hardware-detection.gitTools to manage hardware detection for the live media4 days
chakra-iso.gitISO generation tools7 hours
chakra-live.gitLive media generation tools5 months
chakra-paste.gitUtility to paste text files to Sticky Notes-powered pastebin services5 months
cherry.gitBuildsystem manager and web interface2 months
gfxboot.gitGFXBoot theme for the live media5 months
heritage.gitChakra Plasma 5 theme, a fork of Caledonia5 months
kapudan.gitA fork of Pardus' Kaptan for Chakra5 months
kcm-pacman-repoeditor.gitKCM for managing Pacman repositories5 months
kcm-systemd.gitKCM for managing systemd5 months
kinky.gitchroot build environment manager5 months
posterior.gitALPM repository, package and PKGBUILD library5 months
quick-usb-formatter.gitTiny application for formatting USB sticks and devices3 months
tribe.gitInstallation software5 months
welcome-plasmoid.gitWelcome plasmoid for the live media6 days
reviewboard.gitReview Board installation5 months
shindig.gitWebsite remake5 months
website.gitCurrently deployed website5 months
bundles.gitPKGBUILDs for bundles5 months
cbundle-kio.gitKIO slave for cbundle5 months
cbundle.gitShared library for using Chakra software bundles5 months
chakra-gtk-config.gitKCM for changing the visual appearance of GTK software5 months
chakra-health-report.gitNot available5 months
chakra-initscripts.gitSystem initialization and bootup scripts5 months
cinstall.gitBundle manager5 months
ckblayout.gitTool for keyboard layout configuration5 months
minibackup.gitTool for backing up important system files5 months
oktopi.gitFork of Octopi5 months
oxygen-gtk-icons.gitOxygen GTK icons theme is a fork made using the oxygenrefit icons theme5 months
rcconf-settings.gitKCM for managing the rc.conf file5 months
test.gitTesting repository2 months