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Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Hi everyone! smile

Two weeks ago I made a post in Spanish about the new Chakra artwork called "Sirius". No enough free time in days to do the English post about it, but here is. If you can see the complete extended review in Spanish, read here:

http://ext4.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/un … descartes/

"Sirius" was a hard work because is the opposite concept of "Dharma" (the previous artwork), and make it better was difficult. I don't want a "fashion victim" look or wathever. We need a fresh style.

Chakra Descartes promotional

The starting point was the style printed in Chakra "Benz" edition: more fresh thanks to the blue and green as protagonists colors (turquoise too!), and now the dark is the base, opposed to the grey of "Dharma". This makes a great contrast for interesting results and better visualization.

Let's go.

GFXBoot theme

When ISO boots, now shows the renewed branding. The previous general look is maintained for technical reasons, but is great anyway.


GRUB Theme

First 100% "Sirius" piece. Flat and black background for a great vision in all monitors and resolutions, and light elements for great contrast: focus vision matters. Now shows the boot icons in white (white "smoked"), and this collection was simplified: only the icons for Chakra, generic Linux, Windows, OS X, BSD, unknown OS, generic OS and memtest.

Sirius GRUB theme

KDM theme

No degree background, no flat background, no photographic background... All in one! An own photo with a filter for a rich vision, but more soft for non-forced visual field.

Sirius KDM (caps lock active)

More minimalist, no big clock, and a symbol for the activate caps lock (no text message for it), as you can see in the screenshot.

KSplash-QML theme

Same background of KDM, but with an own spinner moved by QML, and a great simplified date and clock (only the day of week and the hour... enough, huh?). In this piece don't exist the Chakra branding for more clean experience.

Sirius KSplash-QML


Latest Caledonia plasma theme with new Chakra branding. Now the background is an experiment, a background made by me exploring the new Chakra colors and light effects. The color contrast is big and interesting. We hope to offer an own collection of photographic wallpapers soon to complete the experience!

Chakra Descartes desktop (Sirius wallpaper)


New look in Kapudan reflects the Sirius style. The same philosophy of GRUB: nre black background and new own icons with beatiful color degrees. I don't have a screenshot of final version, but this is a developer shot for a quick idea:

Kapudan with Sirius look (development status screenshot)


Waiting for more time and better opportinities to make a good visual change in it, our installer now shows a new own icon and a renewed images with no grey background in it. Some new designs was made (like the Steam one, a great piece of "marketing" to show the potential of our distro!).

Tribe new icon

Descartes Tribe 1

Descartes Tribe 2

Descartes Tribe 3

Descartes Tribe 4

Descartes Tribe 5

With this change now arrives 12 new avatars/user pictures too!

Chakra - Sirius user pictures

And here is a quick presentation and explanation about the new style. Sorry if is not enough. I've tried to be clear and direct with less (many, many less...) words than Spanish post. My worktime is terrible... :S



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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Saludos por más un impresionante tema!

Kudos for this amazing theme!


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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Looking forward to some color in Chakra.  Nice.


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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Thanks, this looks very polished. I especially like and welcome the dark and dark grey themes in grub and kdm. :-)


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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

seXXy stuff.....gOOD Job!

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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Looking great ! Can't wait to test.


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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Looks nice big_smile

Happy Chakra Linux user :D


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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Good job!!!!!! Looks great. big_smile


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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Enjoying the new grub and kdm look!  big_smile

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Re: Meeting "Sirius", the new Chakra artwork and look

Quiero esos avatares! Hay alguna página desde donde pueda descargarlas?

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