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Re: Artwork concept for Chakra

I am afraid I have some bad news in regards to this.

As everybody understood from this forum post, all the support we gave Fabián for contributing to Chakra, making his work for Chakra public, and of course the personal discussions we had with him (and me personally), everyone in Chakra was excited for his work. As we had told Fabián early on, we planned to ship an ISO with all the artwork done by him (plasma, sddm theme, icons, slideshows, etc.).

I was surprised to read on his blog and g+ profile that he thought we will not ship his artwork. My guess is that Fabián thought that because we did not include his work in the upcoming maintenance release codenamed Ian, we decided to not ship his work at all. But Ian is a maintenance release, we changed the name to honour the Debian founder who died recently. It is released as a follow up to Fermi, and as you are probably all aware we don't ship new artwork with these releases.

I still don't understand why Fabián did not contact anyone in Chakra before going ahead and making all this wrong information public that gives people the wrong impression about Chakra and our team. He makes it seem like Chakra treated him wrong, or chose not to use his work. On the contrary, we appreciate his work; we were after all the ones who contacted him to take over artwork. Such a big misunderstanding could have been solved by a single message that would have cleared his doubts on our intentions, instead of going ahead and making all that noise on his own. I understand he might not fully understand the Chakra procedures, but that doesn't explain him not communicating at all with us, furthermore giving others the wrong impression of us through the social media.

I apologize for the long post. I just wanted to leave this comment here for future reference, and to make it clear about our intentions.

P.S.: I should mention that I actually talked about all this to Fabian before posting and got his approval to mention it here. He was very sorry of the misunderstanding and told me if we want we can go ahead and use some of his artwork if we wanted to. His work still is great, but we of course need to discuss and decide on how to proceed.

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Re: Artwork concept for Chakra

These things happen, reminding us of our humanity and fallibility.
At least it was solved, yay poldermodel wink

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Re: Artwork concept for Chakra

It's a really bad news. Fabian did a verry great job and managed to breath life into a whole new design which was modern and  beautiful.

I'm sorry to read that he moved away from Chakra to KaOS.
If he is ok for Chakra to use his work it's wonderful.

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Re: Artwork concept for Chakra


If fabian's work is licence in GPL, i don't see any reason to not fork it.... I'm not a designer but coding is not a problem for me.... i will look more precisely how a plasma theme is code (QML, ...) and see how chakraise (don't know the right word... sorry) the theme.

For the startpage of browser, i will see if i can change the template to forgive the antu idea....




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Re: Artwork concept for Chakra

Hi csglib,
If you can give a help you are very welcome  wink
Anyway, I  was already doing some refinements to Heritage.
This is the topic https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=it# … rGF1apIzec
Let's discuss things there.

PS: Artworks in Plasma are in .svg format too.


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